Greetings, all you tired, you poor, you huddled masses, yearning to breathe free … yes. That is a paraphrase. Chocolate chip cookie awarded to whoever can give me the quote and the context.

My “Thinks” page is something that’s been on my mind for a while now. We all, all of us who live within the borders of the United States of America, and actually work for a living, know intimately the meaning of the term “disenfranchised.” We are all becoming the tired, the poor, the huddled masses. Many pundits will rail about all that’s wrong, but seldom do any provide their opinion on what can be done to reverse this trend.

That’s what I hope to help people begin dialogue about. Naturally, the first step will be posting a blog, which I’m frantically writing, editing, deleting, and rewriting in my mind, as I type this. It’s going to take some work, as I wish the first blog to set the tone for what I am aiming for, going forward.

What I write, and what I say, may be correct, or may be incorrect. It may be politically palatable, or it may not be. It may contain words you need to go to dictionary.com to look up — if so, consider it a broadening exercise. What it will never ever be is something written calling for destruction, devastation, or a tearing apart, a rending of society. We have a good basis, in many ways, here. It just needs some work. It is my hope, and my aim, to begin a townhall-type environment where people can strive toward solutions, rather than simply bemoaning all the problems.

Oh, yeah. I should probably state — I’m still in the process of prettifying this page, and the rest of the site … be patient! The construction will be completed and it’ll be all nice and logical! I promise!


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