Who is Rae?

Rae is your average (broke) American. Actually, I can’t really say I’m broke, since my husband and I have the ability to provide for what we need. This may change when he retires, so I’m working on methods to ensure we’re still able to provide for ourselves beyond that!

I am female — yes, I felt it was necessary to state that, because in Rae’s happy little world, men can have husbands, too, and that’s ok.

I have opinions. I’m happy to share them with you; further, I’m happy to have them debated. But I also agree that it takes two people to argue, so if your opinions or responses to me are antagonistic, or seeking to promote your beliefs at my expense, be warned that I simply will not respond to them.

I want the dream I grew up with — that dream where I could live my life, and be happy, and you could live yours, and be happy, and we’re good with each other. I want to find a way to bring it about or, failing that, to begin to bring it about.


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